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Fast and continuous AI diagnostics platform



Moonlight AI was created to democratize the access to genomic information that is essential for therapy decision making in the era of personalized medicine. The four co-founders of Moonlight AI believe that every cancer patient in the world shall have access to the genomic information of its tumor since it is required for selecting the right treatment.

The Problem

Hematologic cancers affect roughly 1.7 million people worldwide. With the advancement of precision medicine, today’s workflow additionally incorporates additional genomic information from Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) in order to match the patient to available targeted therapies. However, access to genomic information is currently limited by proximity to NGS instruments and the high cost of NGS testing.

The Solution

The mission of Moonlight AI is democratizing access to genomic insight at a fraction of the

time and cost by using computer vision to identify genomic aberrations directly from the blood or bone marrow smear the hematologist uses.

The Method

The AI based models allow not only faster and more affordable diagnosis, but also response assessment and relapse detection. Ultimately AI based models will help the hematologists to determine and continuously follow-up which treatment option is the best for individual cancer

patients at any point of the patient journey.

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Sezai Taskin


(Chief Executive Officer)


Over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with leadership roles in strategic development and commercialization.


Nicole H. Romano


(Chief Technical Officer)


Leader in Machine Learning with over 10 years of experience in development of AI-based products and start-ups.
PhD in Engineering from Stanford University.


Christian Ruiz


(Chief Scientific Officer)


Professor for Experimental Medicine at the Medical Faculty of the University of Basel. Leader in Diagnostics with more than 15 years of experience in research, development and implementation of diagnostic assays in the field of Precision Medicine.  


Stefan Habringer


(Chief Medical Officer)


Medical doctor and clinician scientist with own research group at the Charité in Berlin. Experience in leading clinical trials for hematological malignancies.

Our Team